Bringing pets

Bringing pets

16 Mar 2020

Bringing pets (dogs, cats and rabbits) into the Kingdom of Thailand through Suvarnabhumi Airport


An applicant living abroad and planning to travel with a pet to Thailand may request an Import Permit via Email.

Email messages shall be submitted to: within 60 days but not less than 7 day prior to departure date. The following details shall be provided:

Applicant details: Name and last name, age, gender, nationality, and profession

Travel itinerary: Date of arrival in Thailand, airport of origin, place of residence in country of origin, and place of residence in Thailand.

Pet details: Species, age, sex, breed, color, birthmark, weight, microchip number, and date of birth.

(Click here to download a form “Applicant’s and pet’s details to request an Import Permit” please type or print clearly)

The applicant is required to scan and attach the following documents to the email messages:

Biographical page of the traveler’s passport

Color photo of the pet with its face clearly shown

Pet passport or vaccination book, particularly the page signed/endorsed by the veterinarian

Microchip implanted certificate

Blood test certificate for immune response against rabies (if available)


A Veterinary Officer at Animal Quarantine Station (AQS) at Suvarnabhumi Airport will review the documents upon receipt. If additional information or clarification is required, the applicant will be contacted via email.

If the information provided is complete and satisfactory, the Import Permit will be issued. The scanned Import Permit including import requirements will be emailed to the applicant within 3 working days.

Prior to departure, the following documents shall be prepared for inspection:

- Original traveler’s passport

-  Original pet passport or vaccination book

- A print out of the Import Permit received from Thailand via email

- Original Blood test certificate for immune response against rabies (if available)

Upon arrival of the pet at Suvarnabhumi International Airport, the applicant shall present the pet along with the documents (refer to step 3.) to the Veterinary Officer at the following appropriate location:

  • For hand carried pet: at the AQS office located next to carousel No. 8 in the arrival hall Tel. +66 2 134 0636 (24 hours)
  • For pet imported by air cargo: at the AQS office located on the 1st floor of CE-1 Building, Duty Free Zone Tel. +66 2 134 0731 Fax. +66 2 134 3640 (Monday to Friday between 08.30 – 16.30 hrs.)

A Notice of Import Approval (Form R-6) and Import License (Form R-7) will be issued at the location. A processing fee of 500 baht will be charged per animal (dogs, cats or rabbits) and receipt provided.


Remarks: If the documents are found invalid or incomplete or an abnormality is found in the pet due to, but not limited to, any of the following:

  1. Animal identification does not match the information previously provided.
  2. Required documents or important information are missing.
  3. There is a sign of illness from contagious diseases or any reason to believe that the pet may be a disease carrier.

Either of the above may cause detention of the pet for further observation, treatments, destruction, or re-export to the country of origin. Any costs incurred shall be borne by the person bringing in the pet.


The permit is not an Import License. On arrival, an applicant needs to contact Veterinary Officers at Animal Quarantine Station at Suvarnabhumi Airport for the Import License and pay an Import License fee.